Pat Mackaronis on Becoming a Successful Internet Entrepreneur

pat mackaronis

Do you want to make your online business succeed? You will learn how to make sales and earn more revenue online. If you do not already have a web site, create one at If you do not have anything to sell, look for a drop-shipping business online that will deliver merchandise you sell.

A great home page is crucial. Create a special headline. If you sell financial advice, your headline could say, “Manage Your Finances Well! Retire at an Early Age!” Your home page should briefly explain what you sell. To create curiosity and get visitors to stay, do not provide specifics on your home page.

Your site must be organized. The background image that is automatically provided on every page should be one that is related to your business. Proofread your site. Create a site map page that provides a link to every page. Provide a link to the site map page at the bottom of every page. Test all links and graphics often.

Provide a contact form – you can create one by using the “add a table” feature. All forms must look professional. The text must be easy to read and blend well with the color of the form’s background. E-mail the form to yourself to see exactly how your prospects’ information will look to prevent mistakes.

Fully explain all aspects of your business and make sure there is no information that will cause confusion. Tell visitors everything they must do to receive something. If your site says particular information can be found on a particular page, make sure it is there.

Provide quality and consistency throughout your site. Use a twelve-inch font for your text. Use black text. Do not use a page background color that is too dark. Use the same color for your text, title and background on every page.

Build visitors’ trust. Provide a line that reveals your company name, physical address and telephone number at the top of every page. Provide your photo on your profile page. Provide a privacy policy that lets visitors know you keep their information confidential.

Let visitors know if your payment options are secure. Follow all promises you make. Always give a quick response to calls, messages and contact form submissions.

Provide a guaranteed refund that is effective for at least a year. To protect yourself from liability, provide a disclaimer that says, “Your use of this site is at your own risk. There is no guarantee you will see improvement with your purchase.”

Provide a FAQ section that answers all questions you think your visitors will have. If you have at least fifteen to twenty questions to answer, divide your FAQ section into separate pages that contain no more than five questions.

Provide different formats. If you sell books or information products, please provide E-books, paperbacks and CDs. If you sell an E-book, please let customers buy an E-book that does not come as a PDF file or file attachment. Offer a lifetime of free consulting to all customers.

Do not set prices that are too high or too low. Set different prices for various formats that are available for your goods. If you sell something relatively inexpensive like books on your site, let visitors click a PayPal donation button and type in a price. If you do not know how to insert a PayPal button, contact the technical department for your web site service.

Send every customer a purchase confirmation immediately. Thank the customers and remind them of what they are entitled to. Ask them to buy something else you sell – this method is called “upselling”.

Do what it takes to retain customers and get referrals. Always test your product thoroughly before sending it. Try to ship orders within one business day. Ask your customers if they are satisfied and how you can improve. If your customer praises you, post the review. Ask your customer if you can post his or her E-mail and telephone number with the review.

Supply samples for information products you sell. It is important to put samples on your site because only a small fraction of your visitors will submit a form.

Make the samples user-friendly. If you want a visitor to type something with the sample, please provide a text box. You can create a text box by inserting a contact form and deleting everything on the form except one line that lets someone type something. Put hypnotic language below the sample. You could write, “If you learned something from this sample, you understand how valuable the full item can be to your life. As you get more information on this site, you will resist making the important purchase and become compelled to order the item today.”

Use viral marketing. Insert “recommend this site” buttons. It is important to put these buttons on every page because not every visitor will enter your site through the home page, click a link to the site map page or look at every page.

Very few people will buy anything on your site until they know, like and trust you; therefore, you must place a mailing list form on every page. To persuade people to join, offer a free chapter of an E-book that attracts your target market or a sample that is more extensive than the one on your site. Let visitors know you will not pester them. Ask visitors to give you their names on one line. Address them by the first name and capitalize it. Ask members how they like your samples.

You are required by law to provide your physical address, telephone number and an option to unsubscribe in your letters. Put language above the “submit” button that asks visitors to verify their E-mail. If you provide more than one freebie, provide a drop-down menu that lets visitors choose all freebies.

Issue a weekly newsletter that provides updates to your site or links to recent developments concerning your business. When you send a message, use the “rich text” option so you can hyperlink your URL.

Connect with visitors emotionally. Tell a story that explains how it took you a while to gain your expertise before using it to make your product that solves customers’ problems.

Pay attention to the keywords visitors used to come to your site. If visitors want a class pertaining to your business, provide one by E-mail and telephone. Charge at least fifty dollars for the class and let visitors get a free class by buying a book or other item you sell at a price that is much lower. Provide a payment button that lets visitors buy an item and get a free class without submitting a form.

Provide a directory that lists links to good sites pertaining to your business. If you are registered with Send Earnings, please provide your affiliate link so you will get paid as visitors register to take surveys through your referral.

Improve your search engine optimization. Provide good content pertaining to your business. When setting keywords, only use keywords that are actually on your site. After you make changes to your site, erase the keywords that are no longer used.

Another great way to boost your search engine rankings, traffic and credibility for free is to write informative articles that include a link to your site. Relax. You do not have to already be established to write articles. You just need to write articles that pertain to your expertise or anything else you know something about. When you run out of ideas, browse titles on article sites you use.

Set keywords you have actually used. Write an exciting summary that will entice people to read your article. Do not write self-promotional articles. Do not mention the names of your products.

Include a bio in “third person” form in the author’s resource box that discusses your business. Your bio must include your URL and a statement asking the reader to visit your site to improve his or her life.

Use a dictionary when necessary. If your writing skills are weak, read articles pertaining to grammar and punctuation. The articles you write should usually stick to one topic. Write a good introduction and a conclusion that reinforces what the reader should do.

To bring a lot of traffic to your site, send your articles to Ezine Articles, Go Articles, Internet Marketers and Self Growth.
To get paid, send your articles to Helium, Associated Content and Triond. Your site should include a link to each article that is posted with a paying site.

Provide a title for your articles page that lets visitors know they will learn something by reading the articles concerning your business. List your articles in numerical order and provide the title for each article. Highlight the articles pertaining to your business. Ask visitors to print the highlighted articles and other articles that interest them.

After you write several articles, put together a book and sell it along with other books and CDs you have written at, a free self-publishing site. Your description should discuss your expertise and how your item will help the reader. Proofread the files and previews you upload. Provide an accurate table of contents. Provide a killer title that reveals the benefit of the item. If you sell a financial book, your title could say, “Master Your Finances! Become a Millionaire Quickly!”

Bad artwork will kill your chances for a sale. Give your cover a quality image you create through Photoshop or one that Lulu provides. If any letter of the title is too dark or hard to read, improve it. If you cannot create an eye-pleasing title, leave the cover blank. Link your site to your Lulu items page.

Put a statement above that link that says, “You will be so thrilled with the artwork and previews that you will not be able to resist ordering an item.” Promote items you sell through Lulu for free with Idea Marketers and Self Growth.

Also consider selling your works at, a site which lets you sell works that contain up to 8000 words for free. Sell multiple volumes that contain your best articles.

Stand out from the competition. Create a unique benefit for your product or service and sell that benefit.

Never give up. We often do not see results for a while; however, you should prevail if you follow these steps and persevere.